NYS 16 hour Concealed Carry Class

This is the new 16 hour class, (Also called the 16+2 class or 18 hour class), that NY State now requires all NY State residents take to apply for a NY State Concealed Carry license. (once referred to as a pistol permit class or handgun safety class). Starting September 1st 2022, NY State has implemented the new CCIA law. (Concealed Carry Improvement Act) New applicants must take this class to apply for a NY State concealed carry license. 
Only residents of NYC, Suffolk, Westchester, and Nassau Counties – even if they already have a pistol license, must take this class to keep their NY State pistol license or to apply for the first time. All classes are taught by a Certified NRA Instructor.   


NYS CONCEALED CARRY LICENSE CLASS SCHEDULE: NYC AREA, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County dates


No other county pistol license holders need to take this class to recertify their NY State pistol license.

We have been teaching permit classes and NYS/US Concealed Carry law for over 15 years as a full-time training company. The benefit of that is we are available 7 days a week, allowing us to help students with paperwork and questions.Our 16 NYS class is based upon thousands of hours and experience in teaching. Our lead Instructor, James Emmick, has over 30,000 combined hours of experience in teaching and training. He is a certified concealed carry instructor, NRA handgun Instructor, Shotgun Instructor, Refuse To Be a Victim and Use of Deadly force Instructor as well as a current NYS Peace Officer.Chris Z. will be assisting James in teaching the class. Chris is former military and law enforcement officer with Dallas PD and Grand Prairie PD. During his time in law enforcement, he was a member of the SWAT team as well as a department instructor for combatives, use of force and active shooter.

Our class will meet, and exceed, the NY State required standards to apply for a NY State concealed carry license. This will be a class that people will want to take again. A class that you will send your friends and family to with full confidence that they will receive the same exceptional training in a safe and comfortable environment. This provides each student the opportunity to not only learn the required material but also master it. Our goal is to deliver to each student a world class experience that you will enjoy and never forget.

The classroom portion will be taught with plenty of breaks and the ability to stand and move around the classroom if you choose to.

The range portion of the class can be taught at an indoor range, on site, we will be setting up an indoor Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) range. The UTM guns are real Glock 17 handguns that fire a 9mm marking round. These guns can be used for the live fire portion of the class and the huge benefit is that we do not need to utilize a gun range for class. These are a safe training option which NY State law allows to use during the class for the required live fire portion of the class.

Our class will not only give students the required training certificate needed to apply to NY State for a concealed carry license, but will also include the required training certificates to apply to Florida, Arizona and Utah. As part of the class you will be provided all the licensing paperwork needed to file with these states. This includes printed photos, completed fingerprint cards, pre-labeled envelopes and most importantly your certificates of completion. (Fingerprints for NY State will be done through your individual county after class) We are currently the only known company providing the multi-state licensing with the 16 hour NY state required training.

No gun, ammo or holster? No problem! We provide all the guns, holsters, belts, ammo, targets and class materials at no extra cost to you.                


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*Looking to bring the class to you and your area? Classes may be brought to your local VFW, Conference Room, Gun Club, Business Group, Your Home or Fire Hall. AND you can get the class for free for helping us set it up in your area! ( contact us for details)



Contact us at: info@ftwny.com or text or call 716.903.2558 or send us a message below with your Name & Phone Number and the Name/Date/Location of the class or classes you would like to register for.

*Please be sure to check your e-mail spam folder as our response to your request may end up there. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please call to confirm your seat as sometimes our confirmation e-mail may not go through.

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