ONLINE – Intro To Concealed Carry

Online Concealed Carry Class for – UNRESTRICTED PISTOL PERMIT- For Erie, Niagara, Monroe and Genesee Counties.

*If you are looking to get restrictions removed from a Erie county Hunting/Target or Business restricted NY Pistol Permit: Our Intro To Concealed Carry class is exactly what you are looking for. We have had 100% success helping students remove restrictions with this class.

If you are applying for the first time and want to increase your chance of getting unrestricted right away, we have a 99% success rate with this class for first time applicants getting an unrestricted permit. This class is  valid to use to apply in Erie, Niagara, Monroe and Genesee Counties.

You only need to attend one of the 3 1/2-hour online session listed below to receive certificate and materials needed to apply. 
This is a live class that you will be able to participate in. 
 Cost is $110 per student.
How do I attend an online session?
Follow these easy steps:
1. Purchase your $110 Class, in your name and have the receipt emailed to your email, please click this link to pay for your classPay for My FTWNY Class Here
2. Forward your receipt Email to us here, in the email to us, include the scheduled webinar CLASS DATE (listed below) that you want to attend. Give us the full spelling of your name (for your certificate) and let us know if you are applying for a permit for the first time or looking to have restrictions removed. 
3. We will email you back with a code and directions to login into the online class. You can use your phone, tablet or computer to attend the webinar. 
4. Once you complete the online class, we will email you a packet and certificate file, for you to print from home. 

TUESDAY: July 19th (5:45pm – 9:15pm)


TUESDAY: August 16th (5:45pm – 9:15pm)

* If you cannot attend the class you sign up for, no problem, we can switch you to any other date or time. The voucher is yours to use until you get your certificate from us. Vouchers do not expire and can be transferred to anyone. If you want to cancel your voucher purchase, we will refund your purchase minus $5 that the Credit company will charge us for processing fees.
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