Erie County Upgrade Class/ Erie County Unrestricted Pistol Permit

If you are applying for the first time and want to increase your chance of getting unrestricted right away, we have a 99% success rate with this class for first time applicants getting an unrestricted permit. This class is  valid to use to apply in Erie, Niagara, Monroe and Genesee Counties.

*If you are looking to get restrictions removed from a Erie county Hunting/Target or Business restricted NY Pistol Permit: Our Intro To Concealed Carry class is exactly what you are looking for.

*Removing restrictions is up to the judge, if you applied for an upgrade and the Judge sent you letter stating that you need to take a concealed carry class from an NRA instructor to remove restrictions. Our ICC class is the exact class that the Judge is referring to in that letter.

We have had 100% success in getting Erie county restrictions removed by students taking this class, for more then 10 years of teaching The ICC Class.

You do not have to wait any time period to request restrictions be removed. For example, you can be approved for your permit, take this class and get restrictions removed right away without waiting a year or 5 years like you may have been told.

First time Erie county Pistol Permit applicants: This is from the Eire county pistol permit website: If you have applied for or plan to apply for a Full Conceal Carry Permit, the Licensing Officer recommends that you take a “conceal carry” class from a certified instructor in addition to the mandatory safety course. Our ICC class is what the Erie county Pistol Permit office is referring to as well.

If you are looking for more info about Concealed Carry, gun choices, holster choices, laws and etc.: Our Intro To Concealed Carry class is exactly what you are looking for.

You can see our full schedule by clicking here:

More info on the Intro To Concealed Carry Class can be found by clicking here:

All each student needs to bring with them is the class fee of $110 per person in cash, money order, credit card or check and your photo ID.

We provide official Erie County upgrade applications in class for all students as well as help filling it out.

If you are looking for the Basic Pistol Permit class that all students are required to take, we are the number one provider and only full time professional instructors in WNY. We can help you 7 days a week and nobody can even come close to offering the service that we provide. You can see our Pistol permit class schedule here:

If you have any questions you can send us an e-mail, text or give us a call.

To Register:Contact us at: or text orcall us at 716.903.2558  or fill out the contact form below with your Name & Phone Number and the Name/Date/Location of the class or classes you would like to register for.

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