Classes Offered

Below is a listing of all classes offered by FTWNY to apply for your NYS Pistol Permit/Concealed carry License/NYS Semi Auto Rifle License.

Click on a class below for dates, times and directions to sign up.

In Person NYS Pistol Permit/Concealed Carry/ NYS Rifle permit class 

Multi-State Concealed Carry Class (Carry Concealed in over 36 state CCW class)

Online Intro to Concealed Carry

Online NYS Pistol Permit/Concealed Carry/ NYS Rifle permit class

For these counties listed below,  you can choose any class listed above, you only need to choose one class to be approved to apply for your NY Pistol Permit/Concealed Carry License Rifle Permit (see below for description of classes).

Which class do I choose? 

The Online and In Person NYS Pistol Permit/Concealed Carry/ NYS Rifle permit class can be used to apply to any of the above counties. This is the basic required class and covers use of deadly force, possession and concealed carry laws of NYS and the application process in detail. This is the class most people choose as not everyone wants to carry concealed or carry concealed outside of NY. 
The Online Intro to Concealed Carry class is for people that want to carry concealed and want to learn more about concealed carry in NYS as well as concealed carry options, guns and holsters and a deeper dive into NYS concealed carry and use of deadly force laws, This class also looks better when applying in certain counties like Erie County, but we do want to stress that they still take the basic class. This is also the class people are required to take in Erie county to remove hunting/target restrictions from Erie County pistol permits. 
The Multi-State Concealed Carry Class (Carry Concealed in over 36 state CCW class) can be used to apply to the above NY counties as well as apply to UT, AZ and FL for their concealed carry licenses all at the same time. This will then allow you to own and use handguns and semi auto rifles in NY as well as carry concealed in states outside of NY. More info here: Multi State class info 
We only recommend this class to those individuals that want a NY concealed carry license as well as carry concealed outside of NYS. This class only, The MULTI State class, can only be taught in person, by law. 
For the online classes listed above, These are a live class that is taught using the Zoom professional platform. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, computer or device to login or you can even call in over your phone if you do not have a smartphone, computer or tablet. This is a live class that you will be able to participate in. You can type in questions or verbally ask questions. There is no test required. We will email you all of your material and certificate after class is over. Our class is the only officially approved live online class in WNY. 
No matter which class you choose, Our In Person or Online classes all include help with your applications and paperwork EVEN after class is over, 7 days a week, by text call or email. We are the only NY trainers to offer that and why your money spent goes even further with us than anyone else. 
To Register: Contact us at: or text us at 716.903.2558 or send us a message below with your Name & Phone Number and the Name/Date/Location of the class or classes you would like to register for.

*Please be sure to check your e-mail spam folder as our response to your request may end up there. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please call to confirm your seat as sometimes our confirmation e-mail may not go through.

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